GBA Escapes the City to Find Community

Last Thursday, a group of GBA members momentarily departed the world. Tucked between train tracks, an asphalt plant, and the Highland Park Bridge, we spent 3 hours with nothing but good food, a local indie band, and each other’s life experiences. And we couldn’t be more thankful.Choderwood

The Choder family has been working on this escape (aptly named Choderwood) since 2001, and it’s as if their life physically unfolds around you. Wild plants tumble into a rolling landscape, and every path wanders to another memory, nook or secret gnome placed just there.  It’s at once a respite from urban life and a reminder of what it could be.  For all the time we spend thinking about buildings and streets and the concrete details of the city, it’s this interstitial space where we as a community can refocus our efforts.

And so we challenge you to broaden your professional circles, to think outside the bounds of your discipline, and create a world where every person can access the most fundamental aspect of our existence: nature. Many of us simply stumble upon a bike path or nature preserve on our way to work. This is a right, but it’s not equally bestowed.

For every architect, landscape architect, contractor, manufacturer, planner, engineer, educator, and community group who supports us, we thank you for your unwavering commitment to a healthier future. Here’s to another Summer Soiree gone, and we hope you’ll be around for the next 25.

This event would not have been possible without the Emerging Professional’s Committee and of course the Choder family who so graciously welcomed us into their home.

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