Green Building Alliance Honors 4 with Awards Recognizing Roles in Pittsburgh’s Sustainable Transformation

Frick Environmental Center, Majestic Lane, Millvale EcoDistrict, & Michael Kuhn recognized at GBA’s 2017 Emerald Evening

Green Building Alliance (GBA) hosted our 2017 Emerald Evening on September 21, providing the opportunity to honor some of the people, projects, and initiatives that are transforming the region’s built environment. This year, GBA presented four awards:

Leadership Award: Frick Environmental Center

The Frick Environmental Center received GBA’s first ever Leadership Award for its leadership in embodying a decade-long vision of how to connect the globe’s highest sustainability standards.  After the previous education center burned down in 2002, The Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy undertook over a decade of planning to create an organic connection from neighborhood to nature. The world’s first free-to-the-public building engineered to meet the Living Building Challenge and achieve LEED Platinum standards, the Frick Environmental Center is a municipal treasure transforms sustainable innovations into an interactive classroom, providing a canvas for audiences to reimagine their connections with the environment. Designed by Bohlin Cywinski Jackson and built by PJ Dick, the Frick Environmental Center opened in 2016 as a living, breathing, interactive building that allows audiences of all ages to experience and apply environmental lessons while building a lifelong connection to nature.

Luminary Award: Majestic Lane

GBA was honored to recognize Majestic Lane with our 2017 Luminary Award to help shine a light on his consistent dedication to just and sustainable places . Majestic has dedicated his career to creating thriving communities and his ability to inspire change has benefited all 90 of Pittsburgh’s unique neighborhoods — most recently as the City of Pittsburgh’s first Deputy Chief of Neighborhood Empowerment.  His past work with A+ Schools to spur community engagement and with the Pittsburgh Community Reinvestment Group also embody Majestic’s work to bring equity and inclusion to all.

Inspiration Award: Millvale EcoDistrict

In celebration of the Millvale EcoDistrict’s vision, perseverance, and tremendous dedication to sustainability, GBA gave it our 2017 Inspiration Award.  Following five years thoughtfully crafting its redevelopment plan into a community-wide sustainability movement, Millvale is a true grassroots success. In partnership, the Millvale Borough , Millvale Community Library, Millvale Community Development Corporation, and planning firm evolveEA, and residents created Pittsburgh’s first formal EcoDistrict plan, focusing on energy, water, food, air, mobility, and equity.

GBA Service Award: Michael Kuhn

Often in the background, but always in support, GBA gave its first ever GBA Service Award to Michael Kuhn, President of Jendoco Construction.  Having served nearly 13.5 years on GBA’s Board of Directors since 2012, Michael has been an ardent GBA supporter in many ways.  His quiet, guiding, and passionate hand is behind many of GBA’s considered approaches to enhancing Western Pennsylvania’s built environment.


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