Follow us at GreenBuild in Philadelphia with these Social Media Hashtags

Hey GBA Facebook and Twitter followers, be sure to experience everything GreenBuild this week in Philadelphia using the hashtags below or follow our journey using #gbagb13. There are 12 of us here, so there will be something for everyone!

Official Greenbuild Social Media #Hashtags:

#Greenbuild: Official conference hashtag used for all general conference postings about events, announcements, etc.

#Greenbuildnation: Used for social media contests. Wednesday, all #GreenbuildNation hashtag users will be eligible to win prizes (TBD) at 3:10-3:20, 4:40-4:50 at the Interactive Media Lounge, as well as Friday from 9:10-9:20. Must be present at IML during drawings to win, winners selected during random drawing.

#GBcommunity: Chapters/Community hashtag to be used throughout the week by Community/Chapters members who tweet, especially Tuesday from 9:00-5:00 for the Chapter Forum.

#GBaffordablehomes: Affordable Homes summit hashtag to be used Tuesday and Wednesday by those attending the summit.

#GBmaterials: Greenbuild Materials Summit hashtag to be used Tuesday from 9:00-5:30 by those attending the summit.

#GBinternational: International Summit hashtag, to be used Tuesday from 9:00-5:30 by those attending the summit.

#bikegreenapple: Bike tour hashtag to be mainly used week of 11/12-11/19 by students, staff on bike tour.

#LEEDworks: LEEDworks Truth or Dare hashtag, to be used all day Tuesday while Truth or Dare is open, along with Wednesday 11:20-1:30, and Thursday from 11:30-3:00.

Note: In continuation with last year’s protocol, due to the high-level of tweets/posts going out the week of Greenbuild, all summit hashtags will not be promoted by the @Greenbuild twitter handle in an effort to not confuse our followers. Summit hashtags are posted on the Greenbuild website sidebar next to summit descriptions and are encouraged to be used by summit attendees.


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