Ellen Conrad

2030 District Outreach Specialist, Green and Healthy Schools Academy Coordinator

Ellen came to Pittsburgh as a PULSE fellow (Pittsburgh Urban Leadership Service Experience) at the Environmental Charter School after graduating with a BA in Environmental Science from Goshen College. Before coming to GBA, Ellen was involved in the design process for the Environmental Charter School’s new school building and performed energy and water benchmarks on their existing facilities. 

At GBA, Ellen is a part of the Green and Healthy Schools Team, working with K-12 educators, administrators, facility directors, and high school youth on building efficiency, sustainability projects, and climate change education. Ellen specializes in working with high school youth, most recently co-planning the virtual Woodland Hills Youth Climate Action Summit in October 2020 with a local nonprofit, Communitopia, and six Woodland Hills HS youth. The summit attracted nearly 200 attendees and raised over $1,500 for climate-related projects at Woodland Hills School District!

Ellen also works with the Erie 2030 District, maintaining and developing relationships with Erie Property partners to encourage building energy efficiency in the region. The 2030 District connects commercial properties to individualized analysis, technical assistance, and financing opportunities to reduce energy and water use by 50% by the year 2030. The Erie 2030 District is 15 Property Partners strong and growing!

Outside of GBA, Ellen is an active member of Citizens’ Climate Lobby and serves on the board of two local nonprofits: Communitopia and Reimagined Recycling, which reuses and recycles #5 plastics into new products.