Costs & Benefits of a Green Roof: An Academic Study

green-roof-benefits-768x439There have been a number of incentive programs in various cities to encourage the implementation of green roofs. How cost effective is a green roof, from private costs and benefits to the building owner, to the public benefits? What is known about the reduced burden on stormwater systems, the impact on the heat island effect, and the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions? If these benefits are taken into account, are incentive programs a cost effective way to achieve those public benefits?

Coming up on August 3, GBA explores these thoughts with Mike Blackhurst, Research Development Manager at the University Center for Social & Urban Research at the University of Pittsburgh, who will go over his research that looks to answer these questions. “Costs & Benefits of a Green Roof: An Academic Study” will touch on basic green roof construction as well as a summary of the results of a Life Cycle Analysis of the materials used in a green roof versus a traditional asphalt shingled roof.  The work presented is part of the research that Mike did as a doctoral student at Carnegie Mellon University. He will lead this discussion about the results of the quantitative costs and benefits analysis, and  the qualitative benefits of green infrastructure over traditional gray infrastructure. We encourage you to join us for this breakfast briefing and to ask any questions that pique your curiosity!

  • WHAT:   Costs & Benefits of a Green Roof: An Academic Study
  • WHEN:   Wednesday, August 3, 8:30 – 10:00 a.m.
  • WHERE: Green Building Alliance, 33 Terminal Way, Suite 331, Pittsburgh, PA 15219

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