Health in the Built Environment


GBA Health Series


GBA’s Health in the Built Environment series seeks to draw connections between human health, buildings, and community design. This topic is more important now than ever and our series will explore a variety of research, implications, trends and tools for stakeholders and practitioners in the built environment. 



This series is being hosted entirely online, as all other GBA events are for the time being. You can attend the events a-la-carte or choose to attend the entire series. Each event will include guest speakers and time for Q&A and discussion among the audience. The events are being offered free of charge, but they do require advanced registration. Details and a Zoom link will be sent out the day before each event to all registered participants. Donations are made possible on each registration page, and we appreciate your support of our work. 


(October 15) Implications of COVID-19 on HVAC, Indoor Air Quality, and Water Quality: This event will explore how COVID-19 is changing best practices for heating, cooling and ventilation, and what we can do to ensure healthy indoor air quality in our buildings. We’ll also explore important considerations for monitoring water quality in a time when our buildings are shutting down and re-opening. This event features a Pittsburgh-based international expert on LegionellaLearn more and register here.

(October 22) Linking Mobility, Choice, and Health During COVID-19: At this event, we will discuss issues faced by essential workers who have limited transportation and mobility options, and possible ways COVID-19 might inform future mobility planning in our region. Learn more and register here. 

(October 29) Healthy and Transparent Building Materials: This event will feature building product manufacturers who are prioritizing health and transparency in their products, as well as a construction project manager who will share her experience in specifying healthy and transparent building materials. We will also discuss the Closing the Transparency Loop movement which seeks to increase communication and collaboration among building product specifiers and manufacturers. Learn more and register here.

(November 5) Green Cleaning, Disinfecting, and Best Practices for Protecting Essential Workers: It is critical to consider how cleaning and disinfecting practices will protect us from the spread of COVID-19 while minimizing other harmful environmental and human health impacts related to cleaning products. This involves informed decision-making around cleaning practices as well as ensuring janitors, facility managers, and other essential workers are kept protected while managing cleaning and disinfecting practices in our buildings. Learn more and register here.

(November 18) The Future of Building Design: How are robotics currently being used in building operations, and what is planned for the future? How do robots help decrease potentially risky jobs for human workers while also possibly limiting human exposure to COVID-19? What role does automation play in increasing touchless surfaces? Finally, how does the use of robotics impact building design and energy use, and our 2030-related goals? Registration details coming soon!


We would like to thank UPMC for making this series possible.