Green Building Alliance
The Highline
317 East Carson Street, Suite 122
Pittsburgh, PA 15219
Tel: (412) 773-6000

Directions to our office

GBA’s offices are located in the Highline Building off East Carson Street in Pittsburgh’s Southside neighborhood, between the 10th Street and Smithfield Street bridges. If looking up directions online, please use “Green Building Alliance” as your destination.


Our offices are accessible by foot, bike, river, public transit, light rail, and personal automobile. Bus routes that serve the building include the 48 and 51. Our offices are also very close to the T station at Station Square. Plenty of bike parking is also available at the Highline. If approaching by foot from the Three Rivers Heritage Trail end or the McKean Street end of the Highline, please make your to the upper level either by the stairs or elevator (located on the river side of the building).


Paid Parking is available for visitors in the new indoor Highline Parking Garage located at 330 McKean Street. Use “339 McKean Street” as your destination when looking up directions if you plan to park in the garage.  Parking in the garage is free for the first 2 hours. If you park in the garage, follow directions to the West Elevator and then take the elevator to L1 and you will see our office to the right of the lobby.

Free parking (as available) can be found in GBA’s lot next to Fat Angelo’s Pizza at 510 East Carson Street, but please download a parking permit here to place on your dashboard. If you park here, walk to our office by turning right out of the parking lot and walking along East Carson Street towards downtown. You’ll find a large mural on the side of the Highline when you arrive. Just after the mural, turn right onto the Highline and enter through the West Lobby door (about halfway up the Highline, on the left side). Once in the lobby, walk towards the elevators and you will find us on the left side of the lobby.

Free parking is also available on East Carson Street and along the riverfront (see map below).

Special accommodations/locations for parking may be available for events at our office, in which case we would send an email subsequent to your registration.