Environmentally Preferable Products

environmentally_preferrable_productLabels and Certifications: Environmentally Preferable Products
Acronym: EPP
Established: 1/1/1998
ISO: ISO 14040
Keyword Search: Environment, Environmentally Preferable Products, Green
GBA Last Updated: 8/7/2013
System: Certification
Levels: 1)Declaration of reduced impact, 2)Environmentally preferred product
Managing Organization: Scientific Certification Systems
Manufacturer Cost: Varies by product
Product Type: Adhesives and sealants, cabinetry and casework, carpet, composite panel products, doors, electric power generation, flooring, furniture, paints, renewable energy, wall covering and wood treatment technologies.
Third Party Certification: Yes
Website: http://www.scscertified.com/lcs/epp_products.php

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