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GBA Turns Over a Newly Branded Leaf

Summer is the season for gardening metaphors, and we environmental nonprofits are perhaps the most flagrant puntificators. Our methods are rooted in collaboration, our ideas seeded and cultivated until they flourish. And so in the spirit of this toasty June day, we are pulling on our hiking boots and venturing into the field of creativity, […]

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Punchlist 1-01

The Punch List – 6/15/18

GBA’s Punch List is a weekly collection of the latest green building and sustainability news. The question of how to best deliver Pittsburgh’s water still looms. In February, Peoples Natural Gas pitched a partnership to Pittsburgh Water Sewer Authority involving new water lines and a new treatment facility — and some details have emerged, with People’s proposing a […]

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The Punch List – 6/8/18

GBA’s Punch List is a weekly collection of the latest green building and sustainability news. We have some news! On July 1, GBA’s Executive Director Dr. Aurora Sharrard will conclude her 11 years at GBA to become the University of Pitt’s first-ever Director of Sustainability. Jenna Cramer will step into the Executive Director role after 10 years with GBA. The planned transition […]

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Mars: Wikimedia

Designing a Living Building… on Mars

The premise was simple. Design an ultra-efficient net-zero energy and net-zero water building to withstand -50 F degree temperatures and 150 mile per hour winds. Straightforward, no? As an added note, not much is known to have survived in this subarctic climate, and water must be shipped from a far-off land. This is not in […]

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The Punch List – 6/1/18

GBA’s Punch List is a weekly collection of the latest news in green buildings and sustainability. Celebrating a remarkable achievement in green building. Frick Environmental Center joins only 20 other buildings with Living Building Certification – the highest green building standard demanding extensive performance requirements like net zero water and energy. The project is only the second in PA to achieve […]

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Marshall County Schools Students

West Virginia’s Sustainability Starts with Innovative Schools

Photo: Marshall County Schools The West Virginia Chapter of USGBC has a greener horizon in mind for the state’s famous mountain skyline, and this future starts within the walls of its schools. Following its establishment in recent years, the chapter spurred support for the construction of LEED facilities to create more sustainable communities for everyone. […]

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women in green photo

Women in Green: We’ve All Been There

A group of 180 women and female allies gathered last Friday, and we’re all a little speechless. Every woman had a story to share — of defeats and challenges and hopes and victories. And though we each arrived by our own winding path, there was quiet understanding that yes, we have all been there. The […]

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Community Solar

Community Solar Conquers Pittsburgh Shade

This is part one of a two-part series.  Rooftop solar is growing across Western Pennsylvania, with Allegheny County now boasting the second-highest number of solar installations in the state at almost 1,800, according to the Pennsylvania Public Utilities Commission. Once considered a specialty product, solar is becoming a decidedly mainstream investment—even in a cloudy state like […]

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Before I Die, I Want to Create Places that Matter

Pittsburgh is a city of places. Every cobbled alley has witnessed life, each precariously perched house somehow forming a part of our collective memory. It is tempting to understand the built environment as the realization of urban plans and architectural schematics. And in many ways, stones and concrete shape how we interact with space, where […]

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Green and Healthy Schools Across the Nation

In the multidisciplinary world of healthy schools, there is a dizzying number of webinars, classes, and conferences to sharpen your impact. Of course, making the time to sort through that wealth of knowledge can be a project in and of itself, and educators often have the hardest time prioritizing their own development. So we took […]

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