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Green Schools Academy Profile: An Interview with Principal Rodney Necciai

As Green Building Alliance launches the second year of its Green Schools Academy, Jenna Cramer (GBA’s VP of Green Schools) interviewed Rodney Necciai, principal of Pittsburgh Langley K-8, about his experience opening the new school and how the Green Schools Academy has impacted the school over its first year. JC: What are your reflections on […]

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Green Schools Academy

A New Look for the Green Schools Academy

GBA’s Green Schools Academy has a new logo!  And since we are all about school, we thought we’d let you take a crack at studying, absorbing, and reflecting on this new brand! When you look at our new logo, what do you see?  A star?  Dragonflies?  A blooming flower?  A molecular model? People connecting?  A […]

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Head of the Class: Green Schools Academy

GBA’s Green Schools Academy is working towards greener schools within a generation!  Our VP of Green Schools, Jenna Cramer, is working with 9 schools and school districts throughout Western PA as the inaugural class of this initiative.  School representatives meet once per month for an inspirational lecture and a hands-on workshop to learn how they […]

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Green Cleaning Programs for Schools

The studies are convincingly positive: green cleaning programs in schools benefit both students and the administration.  With the implementation of successful indoor air quality programs, schools can see an increase in productivity and overall higher test scores. Defined as “cleaning to protect health without harming the environment,” green cleaning programs employ processes that promote health, […]

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