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Top 10 Reasons You Don’t Want to Miss the Inspire Speakers Series

We’re pumped about launching the second season of our Inspire Speakers Series on November 14!  This lecture circuit, which we’re presenting with Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens, has an awesome line-up of both national and local experts.  Last year, our Inspire Speakers Series attracted 100-450 people to each of its monthly events, and we expect […]

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New Green Cleaning Resource Available

If you’re looking for a good green cleaning recipe, you’re in luck!  We’ve just added a new resource to the Green Building Methods section of our website, where you can find cleaning solutions that are greener and healthier for your home, school, or office.  Check out this new Green Cleaning resource to learn about the […]

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Life Cycle Assessment

With the recent explosion of green claims clinging onto many everyday and building products, consumers are often confused as to which declarations and labels they should believe, and which are greenwashing.  Life cycle assessment (LCA) is a decision support tool that can help manufacturers, organizations, and consumers better assess, understand, manage and optimize the economic […]

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Green Spotlight on Green Operations

Q:  What benefits can building owners expect if they implement green operations practices in a building that may not have been designed and constructed to green criteria? A:  I don’t think the private side has been quick to adopt green design and construction strategies, primarily, I believe, due to the fact that there have not been many […]

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With energy costs sky rocketing and the future of oil, natural gas and other fossil fuels in question, saving energy is a priority of many building owners and facility managers.  Given that, how can energy be saved without causing other problems and how do energy-saving-related projects stack up against other building projects competing for the […]

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Green Spotlight on Green Insurance

Cornerstone speaks with Steve Bushnell Q:  Is Fireman’s Fund the sole provider of insurance coverages for green properties?  What designates a “green” building for insurance purposes? A:  Fireman’s Fund is the first and only insurance company to offer a set of coverages specifically designed for green buildings, and we are unaware of any other companies even […]

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Embodied Energy

What constitutes the greenest building?  At the recent Greening of Historic Properties Summit last October, we heard the preservationists answer that question by saying it is the building that is already built!  Their response was based on knowledge of the amount of embodied energy existing buildings contain. Embodied energy is any energy required to mine, […]

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Green Spotlight on Historic Buildings

Cornerstone speaks with Ralph DiNola Q:  Since many people equate green building principles solely with new construction, please explain how they can be applied to the preservation of historic structures. A:  Historic buildings actually address the three main aspects that sustainability seeks to enhance: environment, economy and social equity.  As existing buildings, historic structures possess a […]

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Ongoing Green Upgrades, Operations & Maintenance

The green building movement has steadily gained steam in recent years, with sustainability principles edging in from the margins to become increasingly mainstream components of new construction projects.  As the integration of green practices into buildings has gained in popularity, it has also expanded in scope, with attention increasingly being focused on upgrades and operations […]

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