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Technology in the Race to Zero Energy: Identifying Energy Inefficiencies

Session 2 of “The Race to Zero Energy” series, on June 23, was held at Carnegie Robotics in Lawrenceville. The state-of-the-art facility, formerly a warehouse from the steel era, houses the design of robotic products with heavy commercial and research applications. Here, attendees gathered to learn about new technologies impacting energy use in the building sector. This month’s session […]

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How Cool are Cool Roofs?

Cool roofing has become one of the most significant green technologies, preventing heat absorption by reflecting the sun’s heat and then emitting its radiation back to the atmosphere. Green roofs and white roofs allow for a more comfortable and controller environment, where as “black,” or non-efficient rooftops, contribute to excessive heat issues. Some, however, say that […]

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The PA Sustainable Energy Funds – the best-kept secret in sustainability financing

I recently attended the Power & Foresight Conference for the Sustainable Energy Funds hosted at Penn State in State College. Starting my green energy career in Virginia, I wasn’t aware of all the ins and outs of the electric provider deregulation process that occurred in Pennsylvania (Virginia is still a regulated Commonwealth), including the establishment […]

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Boston's Green Affordable Housing Plan

Local Policy Best Practices for Healthy and High-Performing Buildings: Part 1

Several cities have created their own mandate and justification for supporting green buildings (see a good example from Long Beach here). To the extent that the public may, in some corners, remain skeptical, the City of Pittsburgh may want to craft an overall policy in addition to specific legislation. Municipal policies for the promotion of healthy […]

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Aurora IR

What Would a GBAer Do: Whole House Energy Audit

My house was built in 1905; we purchased it in 2003. Over the past decade, we’ve done a fair amount of home improvement work inside and out – on things you can see and those you can’t. However, with a 100+-year-old home, the list of potential energy efficiency and conservation measures is long. We’ve been checking items […]

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The Inspiration Station: News About This Year’s Inspire Speakers Series

It’s that time of year again!  The Inspire Speakers Series returns this October for its third season – and this year brings some changes.  Read on for more details…. Seasonal Lectures This year, we’ll host six lectures in a fall season (October through December) and a spring season (March through May).  Any lecture can be […]

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Western PA (Re)Introduction of Lean Construction

Every few years it seems as though the construction industry harps on a new buzzword – partnering, sustainability, BIM, collaboration, Lean, etc. Lean? It appears that a retread has made its way back into the buzzword cycle. Back in the late 1990’s, the Lean Construction Institute (LCI) was established, propelling the topic of Lean in […]

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Is GBA’s LEED-EBOM Project Experience Course Right for You?

Do you want to become a LEED Accredited Professional (AP)?  If you’d like to demonstrate that you’re a leader in the green building movement and an expert in creating healthy, high-performing spaces, then this is a credential you should pursue.  In order to do so, though, you’ll first need LEED project experience.  We can help! […]

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Pittsburgh 2030 District Energy Baseline Cover Square

Introducing the Pittsburgh 2030 District Energy Baseline

In order to measure the Pittsburgh 2030 District’s success in reaching its 50% reduction goals, baselines must first be determined for each reduction category. The reduction goals are measured against a national baseline for energy and against District baselines for water and transportation. As properties commit to and work towards 2030 goals, the individual baselines […]

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