Can we transform the built environment by 2030?

Image: flickr / heydrienne

Cities and municipalities are becoming the solution to sustainability through initiatives like Architecture 2030’s 2030 Districts (and GBA’s Pittsburgh 2030 District) and New York City’s Stronger, More Resilient action plan. Throughout the country, and across the world, cities are setting energy efficiency goals and regulatory requirements, striving to meet aggressive reduction targets and drive environmentally responsible behavior.

The Pittsburgh 2030 District, comprised of 438 buildings in Downtown Pittsburgh and Oakland, are actively working to achieve 50% reductions in energy use, water use, and transportation emissions by the year 2030. Earlier this year, we announced that the District surpassed its five-year goals in just three years, reducing energy by 12.5%, water by 10.3%, and transportation emissions by 24.2%.

This GreenBiz article discusses the opportunity for increased sustainability, how municipalities are leading the way, and some initiatives driving the way. It notes, “Investing in energy efficiency isn’t just necessary to develop resilient communities; it also makes good business sense.”

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