We Are a Bike Friendly Employer

BikePGH_bike_friendly_employerGBA is now officially a Bike Friendly Employer!  This distinction, overseen by BikePGH, demonstrates that we are making Pittsburgh a safer, more attractive, and more sustainable city.  We’ve always encouraged alternative modes of transportation among our staff and those attending our events (at least three of our staffers bike to work often), but we’ve taken some extra steps to ensure that we are as bike friendly as possible!

In addition to the bike storage room and shower room that we already offered employees, we now also have a bike pump, a bike tool, and new bike racks.  We’ll also commit to getting more involved in Bike to Work Day in the spring, and will offer additional support to those employees who don’t have as much experience pedaling around the city.

We’re going beyond employee bike support, too.  We’ll also host or help with a few bike events for our members each year and will continue to encourage that our event participants consider biking to and from, rather than driving.

We’re really excited about taking these additional steps to become a Bike Friendly Employer, and we’re also delighted that this has gained us 5 additional points through the Green Workplace Challenge (GWC)!  If you or your employer would like to make your office healthier and more sustainable – or if you need extra points for the GWC – join us and nearly 40 other companies in Pittsburgh and become a Bike Friendly Employer, too!

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