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Frog Kermit Straßenkreide Valentine's Day Love

Kermit the Office Bike Joins the GBA Family

The Sunday evening dread. The Monday morning grumble. These are the emotions emblazoned on kitschy coffee mugs, the experiences that drive nearly every workplace comedy. Free caffeine and donuts might smooth over the roughest patches, but an increasing number of employees are looking to work for organizations that are, in a word, happy. I mean […]

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2014 Progress

Pittsburgh 2030 District: 2014 Progress Report

The Pittsburgh 2030 District’s 2014 growth was in both scale and scope, presenting far greater opportunities for impact reduction. The goal of the Pittsburgh 2030 District is to reach 50% reductions in energy use, water use, and transportation emissions by the year 2030. As one of eleven established 2030 Districts in North America, Pittsburgh is also piloting […]

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Pittsburgh 2030 District Releases Water Baseline Report

In order to measure the Pittsburgh 2030 District‘s success in reaching its 50% reduction goals, baselines must first be determined for each reduction category. Whereas energy reduction is measured against a national median average, there is no national average baseline for existing building water consumption by building type.  Thus, a local historic water baseline was […]

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