An Approved Service Provider Explains the PennSEF Program

If you are a tax-exempt or nonprofit organization in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and have outdated and inefficient lighting and HVAC systems, then PennSEF could be a great option for you. If lack of capital has prevented you from moving forward with equipment replacements that you know are both necessary and make business sense, PennSEF might be your answer. Here are some details:

About the Program:

FREEThe Pennsylvania Treasury Department and Foundation for Renewable Energy and Environment (FREE) joined forces to develop an investment option that promotes energy and water efficiency, clean energy generation, and economic development. FREE has established a Sustainable Energy Finance Program that provides low-cost capital for energy improvement projects within municipalities, universities, schools, hospitals, and 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations. Aggregate groups of projects to finance improvement work are created by the issuing of bonds. By pooling projects into a single financing instrument, the program provides participants with superior terms.

Once eligible organizations decide to participate, FREE provides legal, financial, and technical assistance, along with an opportunity to meet Energy Savings Company (ESCO) representatives. Application details and more information about the program’s benefits can be found at

Selecting a Provider:

Participating energy service companies (ESCOs) in the program are chosen carefully based on their financial stability; experience and expertise with performance contracting projects, technology implementation and mastery; appropriate licensure; and local presence, among other factors. Here is a list of PennSEF’s qualified ESCOs. The Efficiency Network (TEN) is one of them and can help with turnkey solutions for your energy efficiency needs. TEN represents $500 million in collective project experience and is located strategically across Pennsylvania. Through an efficient proprietary project development technology platform and fee transparency, TEN is uniquely positioned to offer PennSEF participants maximum value.

Where You Can Learn More:

For more information about PennSEF, visit

Contact Information:


About TEN:

TEN is a next-generation energy efficiency firm. TEN’s team represents $500 million in project experience and offers budget-neutral energy and water TENefficiency projects to large and small building owners in the public and private sectors through a variety of contracting models. TEN proudly supports GBA as the Title Sponsor of its Pittsburgh 2030 District initiative. To learn more, contact or visit


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