Ramona Crawford

In her role as the Research and Impact Director, Ramona M. Crawford will be focusing on analyzing qualitative impact metrics, with a specific focus on previous Green & Healthy Schools Academy work.  She has worked steadily throughout her educational and professional career gaining valuable experience in different nonprofit and community-based organizations.  She is a current Educational Leadership Doctoral Candidate at Duquesne University where her focuses are equitable and inclusive traditional and non-traditional educational settings, leadership and non-profit services.  Ramona specializes in collecting and analyzing qualitative metrics through her creative and meaningful storytelling processes in an effort to provide strategic and actionable recommendations to all stakeholders.

Ramona M. Crawford holds a M.S in Counseling Psychology with a concentration in Applied Behavior Analysis from Nova Southeastern University.  Ramona also holds a B.S in Family and Child Science and a minor in Psychology from Florida State University.