Kara Magoolaghan, CPHD, LEED Green Associate, TRUE Advisor

Event and Outreach Coordinator, CPHD, LEED Green Associate, TRUE Advisor

As the events and outreach coordinator, Kara manages event logistics in order to deliver seamless experiences for all GBA guests.  With 125+ events across all program areas annually, Kara provides support in making each and every event unique and exciting down to the last detail.  In her time at GBA, Kara has helped GBA’s events go zero waste!  Kara also co-manages GBA’s Emerging Professionals group.


Kara started her career in energy, analyzing thermal-hydraulic systems as a government contractor.  Her passion for sustainability and interest in energy efficiency drove her to Green Building Alliance, where she works to execute educational events for practitioners of high-performance buildings.


Kara holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Binghamton University and is pursuing her law degree at Duquesne University.