Bradd Celidonia

Multimedia Director

Bradd is responsible for enhancing GBA’s presence online by maintaining our website and social media outlets; creating print and promotional collateral; and developing, organizing, and publishing online information, tools, and resources. He has over a dozen years of experience in the creative services field including graphic design, marketing, copy writing, photography, web design, social media campaigns, and project management for the retail, nonprofit and building industries.


Immediately prior to working at GBA, Bradd was the Creative Services Manager at the India office of Burt Hill, where he built and managed a visualization and marketing team that successfully contributed to over $20 million in new architecture and design projects. He also served as the Marketing Coordinator for EDGE Studio in Pittsburgh.


Bradd holds a B.S. in Graphic and Communication Design from La Roche College and has worked on a variety of project types in the Pittsburgh area, India, and the United Arab Emirates.