Inspire, Prove, Equip

In 2011, GBA’s staff and board created a strategic and focused course that would allow the organization to continue its leadership in the green marketplace.

That effort resulted in focused new initiatives that demonstrate and prove the value of healthy and high performing spaces to a broad market.  Meanwhile, GBA continues to provide valuable resources via web-based learning products and a robust knowledge network. Collectively, these programs leverage past successes while repositioning the organization to influence the mass market.

GBA’s efforts are designed to align with core organizational values, while developing capacity to support the strategic plan.  GBA promotes healthy, high-performance spaces for everyone by:

  • Inspiring and leading the market,
  • Demonstrating and proving value, and
  • Equipping the community with knowledge and resources.

With those goals at the forefront, GBA’s core initiatives include:


Pittsburgh 2030 District

Green Schools Academy

These initiatives are designed to motivate and encourage our audiences by demonstrating what can be achieved when we take action as a community.




This initiative was created to make the business case for healthy and high-performance buildings, this database offers quantifiable and reliable information.


Web-Based Learning Products

Knowledge Network

These initiatives are designed to equip GBA audiences with the tools, confidence, resources, and connections to create healthy and high-performance spaces.

Each of these resources is designed to equip GBA members and the general public with the knowledge, resources, connections, and confidence to enable them to live, work, learn, and play in healthy and high-performance spaces.