Jackie O’Brien

An integral member of Alcoa’s Global Primary Products Strategy and Development Group, Jackie serves as global strategy director. In this role, she builds and leads strategy project teams to conduct strategic analysis in support of overall strategy and business priorities. She is responsible for evaluating the business case for investments, managing the strategic planning process and M&A analysis, and serving as her department’s “global switch board” for the aluminum industry.

Prior to this position, Jackie directed the Sustainability Market Sector Development Team, leading strategic initiatives to drive profitable growth in Alcoa’s sustainability product portfolio. She came to the team from Alcoa Engineering Products and Solutions Group, where she directed supply chain sourcing strategies in Asia. She started her environmental engineering career working with Rubbermaid and Alcoa.

Since joining Alcoa, Jackie has held positions of increasing responsibility in environmental, procurement, supply chain, and market and business strategy organizations. She supported the co-chair role for the World Business Council for Sustainable Development Vision 2050 project and served as co-chair of The Sustainability Consortium Systems Science Committee. She has a bachelor’s degree in engineering from Ohio State University and an MBA from Case Western Reserve University.