2017 Annual Report

As we enter Green Building Alliance’s 25th year of operation, we are honored to present GBA’s 2017 Annual Report. A quarter of a century in, GBA’s broad network of partners advance sustainable practices at every scale of the built environment, cultivating a culture of sustainability that positively impacts people, planet, places, and markets.

Since our founding in 1993, GBA’s initiatives have evolved, but our underlying approach to change remains constant. With each venture we undertake, we empower, connect, share, and advance innovation in the built environment, ensuring that every building and every community is sustainable. As a result, GBA collaborates with a diverse community of professionals and citizens to create places where all people can thrive.

Thank you for a lifetime of collaboration, but most importantly, thank you for believing in the power of people to provoke change. It only takes one individual to catalyze transformation.

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