Advocacy & Public Policy

GBA works to support and enable policies that encourage the development of healthy, sustainable, and high performing buildings throughout our region.  To accomplish this, we seek to engage members and stakeholders in the development of a shared policy agenda and active participation within the local building community.  By leveraging and strengthening existing regional leadership and relationships, along with our GBA stakeholder base, we capitalize on local, regional, and statewide opportunities related to buildings, districts, neighborhoods, and communities.

With internal staff capacity and a Policy Committee of external stakeholders and partners, GBA’s efforts are directed toward local and statewide processes, procedures, regulations, and legislation as tools to help effect change in the delivery, design, construction, and operation of healthy and high performing buildings.

Based on national best practices, local needs, and coordinated community/stakeholder input, we work in partnership with diverse people and organizations to create responsive state, county, city, municipal, and project policy approaches that have a clear vision, priorities, and measurable standards of successful impact. Across various scales, GBA’s advocacy and policy work emphasizes:

  • Stronger building codes.
  • Third-party healthy, high performing, and green building standards, rating systems, and certifications.
  • Measurable building performance goals.
  • Greater access to financing for green, high performing, and healthy investments.

GBA is proud to consider itself a leader in innovation that actively advances the market for regional healthy, high performing, and sustainable buildings and communities. We will continue such efforts while encouraging the development and renovation of buildings that benefit both their occupants and the environment.  We seek to simplify such projects and see them more widely implemented by advocating for stronger polices and regulations through a variety of mediums in conjunction with various partners and external stakeholders.