2019 Annual Report

Over a quarter of a century in, GBA’s broad network of partners advance sustainable practices at every scale of the built environment, cultivating a culture of sustainability that positively impacts people and the places that support us. Read our 2019 Annual Report here!

From the very beginning, green building has been an effort of inspired individuals. Every project and every building can be traced to a particular person who sought something better. As we look around the region, the results are immortalized in concrete, in the intricate structures that map our daily lives. But the movement has always progressed because of the people who dedicate their lives to this ever-changing target we call sustainability.

In September of 1993, a group of volunteers resolved to build a healthier region for everyone. Their vision has built a movement 27 years strong, and today Green Building Alliance stands as a community of architects, educators, engineers, contractors, developers, and citizens who create places where all people can thrive.

With each passing year, we understand the shifting limits of our communities. Advances in neuroscience, climate modeling, and materials analysis shift how we define sustainability, while growing wealth and inequality ask for whom we build.

More than any one success or technological triumph, sustainability lies in our collective ability to evolve, to continually reevaluate where we stand and where we are going. We’ve spent the last quarter-century reimagining our region, and we step into the future with the same tenacity and innovation of spirit. To everyone who believes that we can do better, we thank you.

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