About Green Building Alliance

Green Building Alliance (GBA) has worked to advance healthy, high performing, and green places in Western Pennsylvania since 1993.  An aligned chapter of the U.S. Green Building Council, GBA proudly serves 26 counties in Western Pennsylvania through three branches: Greater Pittsburgh, Northwest Pennsylvania, & Laurel Highlands.

GBA is an Original: Green Building Alliance was founded in 1993, is one of the oldest regional green building organizations, was the first U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) affiliate, and remains an affiliated USGBC chapter.

A Regional Catalyst: GBA strives to meet the ever-growing and changing demands of the green building marketplace through a variety of educational events, programs, and initiatives.

An Agent of Change: Over the past 23 years and in partnership with our stakeholders, GBA has helped Western Pennsylvania become a well-respected leader in green buildings and sustainability.

An Industry Thought Leader: From LEED projects to WELL buildings to Living Building Challenge buildings to the Pittsburgh 2030 District to Passive House, GBA lives on the cutting edge of healthy and high performing buildings–and works to ensure that each can be achieved.

A Connector: GBA’s members are on the ground — building, designing, operating, consulting, commissioning, and advocating for better buildings, spaces, and places in Western Pennsylvania and beyond. Interested in learning about green building? GBA’s got you covered.  Looking for help on a project? Green Building Alliance’s expert staff members can help you think big, point you in the right direction, and put you in touch with people and resources to help you achieve your goals. Want to meet others in the industry? GBA Events are perfect for networking. GBA is here to connect the dots!

GBA’s 2015-2017 Strategic Plan allows the organization to continue its leadership in the green marketplace, while continuing to innovate in response to regional needs.

With over two decades in the business, we have built upon our exceptional track record, renewed our focus on program innovation, and continued moving beyond buildings to expand our work’s impact at the community scale. GBA demonstrates the value of “going green” to an increasingly broad market, advancing the goal of making healthy, high performing buildings available to everyone. Our recent successes have expanded our impact in the Pittsburgh region, strengthened the organization, and enhanced GBA’s legacy as a national innovator in the green building sector.

GBA’s 2015-2017 Strategic Plan solidified our organizational focus on a variety of programs and strategies, including the Pittsburgh 2030 District, our Green & Healthy Schools Academy, and education, technical assistance, and policy support to the 26 counties of Western Pennsylvania and beyond.  GBA’s efforts are designed to align with core organizational values, while developing capacity to support the strategic plan. Green Building Alliance promotes healthy, high performance spaces for everyone by: Inspiring and leading the market, Demonstrating and proving value, and Equipping the community with knowledge and resources.

With those goals at the forefront, GBA’s core initiatives include:

BranchesGBA branches pittsburgh erie

Green Building Alliance provides educational &  networking events, project & technical assistance, and policy support throughout Western Pennsylvania!  While we partner across the U.S. and internationally, our 3 branches focus on Western Pennsylvania: Greater Pittsburgh, Northwest Pennsylvania, and the Laurel Highlands.  Check out these Western PA statistics and our directory of regional LEED projects to see how we’re all doing!

Greater Pittsburgh:

Serving as GBA’s headquarters, Pittsburgh has a large network of green building professionals, students, educators, and community members.  Our core staff are located here, providing support across Western Pennsylvania and setting an example with our LEED Platinum office as we work to further the entire region’s leadership in healthy and high performing place.  

Northwest Pennsylvania:

This branch is led by GBA’s NWPA Director Guy McUmber and fueled by partnerships throughout the area.  Exciting events and educational opportunities are available in and near the NWPA Branch’s core area in Erie.  Contact Guy to learn more!

Laurel Highlands:

Guided by the efforts of dedicated volunteers, a committee of local citizens helps this branch educate and increase green building awareness in and around the city of Johnstown.


We’re also a pretty cool place to work. Here are some reasons why:

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