25 Years of Green Building History

For more than a quarter of a century, Pittsburgh has been building healthier and more environmentally responsible buildings. In September of 1993, a roomful of volunteers decided that Pittsburgh could do better.  Just a few months earlier, a start-up called the US Green Building Council convened its first meeting, and it would be another five years until a LEED certified building cemented its foundations.

Fast forward 25 years, and Green Building Alliance has become a movement for change, a community of architects, engineers, contractors, developers and citizens who advocate for our city every day. Since the very beginning, our history has been your history, our successes your triumphs. Please join us this year at our Emerald Evening Gala and GBA’s 25th Anniversary to celebrate 25 projects that have transformed our region. Stay tuned as we share a little about each project in the 25 days leading up to September 20th. #GBA25

Green Building Alliance 25th Anniversary


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