2030 Glossary: Challenge, Commitment, Districts, Palette, & Products

When we’re talking about things focused on the year 2030, there are many — and understanding of these different programs, measurement mechanisms, and tools varies widely across the country.  As a result, if you’re confused about the difference between The 2030 Challenge, the AIA 2030 Commitment, AIA + 2030, the 2030 Palette, 2030 Districts, and more — you’re not alone. Look no further, this 2030 Glossary on GBIG Insight was written for you.  Just a sampling of what’s included:

  • 2030 Challenge – Challenge to the building industry to make every new or majorly renovated building carbon neutral by 2030, with existing buildings reaching 50% reductions in energy, water, and transportation emissions by 2030.
  • 2030 Palette – Architecture 2030’s swatchbook of examples from across the world to help improve built environments.
  • AIA + 2030 – 10-part education series from AIA, Architecture 2030, and local educators on how to reach The 2030 Challenge.
  • AIA 2030 Commitment – Architecture firm commitment to The 2030 Challenge, with progress reported to AIA
  • 2030 Districts create boundaries around communities of buildings and work collaboratively to get every building (new or existing) in the boundary to commit to the goals of The 2030 Challenge.
  • The 2030 Challenge for Products  – Challenge to product manufacturers for reducing embodied carbon-equivalent footprint reduction of products 50% or better by 2030.

There are lots of 2030-specific tools to help building industry stakeholders of all types achieve these goals. Whether it’s the 2030 Palette, AIA + 2030 education series, AIA 2030 Commitment, or 2030 Districts, if you’re not doing anything today with building energy performance, the time for excuses is over.

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