Call for Nominations: Emerald Evening 2014 Luminary Award

On September 25th, Green Building Alliance will host its Emerald Evening 2014, featuring the Legacy and Luminary Awards.  This is an opportunity for all of us to celebrate the innovative, groundbreaking, and inspiring work that’s being done around healthy and high-performing spaces in our region.

This year we will be designating two different awards.  We are honoring Richard Piacentini, executive director of Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens, with our Legacy Award.  This award recognizes the contributions of an individual or organization and their overall impact in effecting change in buildings and the construction industry, as well as community outreach.  Richard’s accomplishments in developing a showcase of sustainability-in-action at Phipps Conservatory are well deserving, considering his leadership of the new Center for Sustainable Landscapes (which is expected to meet the Living Building Challenge and has already achieved LEED Platinum and SITES certifications), in addition to the LEED Silver Welcome Center, innovative Production Greenhouse and Tropical Forest Conservatory, Green Power Partnership, and overall sustainable building practices.  It is also impressive to see the impact that Phipps has had on educating the community and transforming the marketplace at local, national, and international levels.

This year, we have added the Luminary Award as a “People’s Choice” award to allow our members, friends, and partners to become directly involved in honoring the people and organizations who create or inspire healthy and high-performing spaces. YOU can help us select the nominees for our Luminary Award, which will recognize someone in the industry whose work has been particularly inspiring and thought-provoking.   If you know of an individual, company, property owner, nonprofit, or school that is doing exceptional work in our region, please help us celebrate them!  Our Luminary Award nominees will represent a wide variety of professions, perspectives, and backgrounds so don’t be shy!  Nominate someone who YOU think should gain recognition today!  GBA’s vision is to ensure that everyone from every socioeconomic background is able to live, work, learn, and play in a healthy and high-performing place.  Our annual awards aim to celebrate those who are helping make this vision a reality. Nominations are due by July 22, 2014.  Please use the nomination form below.  GBA will select finalists from among those nominated, with the winner being announced at the Emerald Evening on September 25, 2014. Nomination Form – Green Building Alliance Luminary Award Criteria:

  1. Nominee is an individual/company/property owner/nonprofit/school that has been inspirational in its green building work in Western Pennsylvania.
  2. Nominee has inspired the green building arena either through their work in design, education, building, product manufacturing, civic involvement, or other related practices.

Nomination Submission Form:

If you are having issues with this form, please email your nomination directly.